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The Out of Hours Vets service offered by a veterinary practice is often overlooked when choosing a vet practice, but is a very important aspect of the overall care your pet will receive. The need for Out of Hours Vets services generally occurs in an emergency, at which point you will be stressed and worried about your fur baby. It is reassuring to know from the outset who will be looking after your pet, how far you will have to travel, what facilities they have and how easy it is to access the service.

Holly House Veterinary Surgery are part of the Willows Veterinary Group and one of the huge benefits of being part of this group is that we provide our own Out of Hours Vets service rather than send clients out to an expensive and often far away external Out of Hours care provider.

If your pet needs to be seen when we are closed simply ring our usual number, 01565 632253, and you will connected directly to our Out of Hours Vets telephone service, answered by real people. They will put you in touch with the vet who will advise if you need to be seen.

If your pet needs to be seen it will be at either Beech House Veterinary Centre in Warrington or our 24 hour veterinary hospital in Northwich, Willows Veterinary Hospital.

Beech House deal with all out of hours patients during the times we are closed on a weekend up until 8.00pm. On weekdays and after 8.00pm at the weekend Willows Veterinary Hospital provide the cover

The hospital is a Tier 3 (the highest grade possible) Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ accredited veterinary hospital with critical care facilities and a dedicated team of veterinary surgeons and qualified nurses who work throughout the night.

Any pets that are seen during our normal opening hours at Holly House and need to be monitored overnight will also be transferred to the hospital. We believe that overnight monitoring should mean round the clock care. Many vets will just nip back in the night to check on patients or have a member of staff who sleep on the premises. We have a team who are employed specifically to work the ‘night shift’. These vets and nurses have not already worked a daytime shift, so they are fresh and alert when they come on duty.

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