Why Choose Holly House Vets?

We aren't the only vets in Knutsford - so why choose us? Find out how we aim to be the best vet for you and your pet.

We understand that choosing a vets can be hard – your pet is a part of your family and you want the very best for them. At the end of the day as Vets, Nurses and Veterinary Support Staff we all love pets and want to provide them with excellent health care. So when all vets are promising the same, how to you pick the right vet for you?

At Holly House we believe its the little things that really can make a big difference. We aim to make every pet’s experience at the vets a pleasant one for all involved and it’s with this is mind that we have adopted our four key principles; Care, Tailored, Time and Expertise.


It is extremely important that we provide the best possible care for both our patients and clients. We appreciate that our pets become part of our family and the bond can be incredibly strong between a pet and their human; that is why we try our best to show our clients just how much we care. It can be something as simple as listening to their stories and relating to them to help create a more personal connection with that client and their pet. We understand that it can be an emotional, frustrating and stressful time when your pet is unwell. We always aim to keep both our patients and clients as comfortable as we possibly can. We pay careful attention to you and your pet’s requirement in your time of need and assist you with anything that we possibly can.


We treat all of our patients the same in that we treat them all as individuals. Our veterinary surgeons and nurses aim to tailor any treatment we offer to the specific needs of our patients and clients. We understand that treating your pets can be costly, that is why we aim to provide you with the best possible treatment to suit you, your budget and level of insurance cover. Knowing our patients and clients helps us to advise and recommend products suitable/appropriate for them.


Our team here at Holly House is dedicated to providing the best possible service we can for our patients and clients. We always aim to make sure that we give our patients and clients enough time with our veterinary surgeons and nurses if needed, and we never rush them. We enjoy getting to know our patients and clients on a personal level, and we feel that the best way to do this is by spending as much time as we possibly can with them.


Our veterinary surgeons have a wealth of knowledge and experience which is shared across all of our branches. With this combined knowledge and experience, we are confident that we can put your mind at ease by providing you with the best possible treatment options for your pet. This can be something as small as routinely checking your pet’s health (for example this can be nail clipping, expressing anal glands and a whole host of other routine treatments) to doing MRI scans to allow us to better diagnose you pet . As a group, we have our own hospital so if your pet does need urgent treatment, the process is much quicker, meaning that you don’t have to wait on referral letters and then try to obtain an appointment. Because our veterinary surgeons have very close working relations with each other, the process of seeing a specialist is seamless whilst maintaining that personal experience.

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